1. Inclusive Visuals Will Be Key

Inclusive visuals are one of the most important visual branding trends in 2022. They’re all about including people from all walks of life in your designs, regardless of their gender, race, or orientation.

Here’s how Slack has been incorporating representative visuals across its website.

Slack incorporating representative visuals across its website
Image source: slack.com

Why is this trend so important? The last few years have brought into focus the marginalization that numerous groups face. Businesses should be striving to make as many people feel represented as possible.

Inclusive visuals are also invaluable for market research purposes. More companies have realized the advantages of conducting user studies with their target audiences. Who better to include in those studies than those not represented by the current visual language?

2. Serif Fonts Will Make a Come Back

Fonts play a critical role in the world of brand design. The font landscape is also constantly in flux. One particular area where this is obvious is in the use of sans serif fonts, which have been trending since 2016.

But in 2021 we saw a shift away from this trend and moving into 2022, we’re expecting a return to more traditional and classic font choices, such as serif fonts.

It’s not that sans serif fonts aren’t popular anymore – they’re just a bit overused at the moment. As a result, we’re seeing graphic designers turn to serif fonts and even handwritten scripts for branding visuals. This is a great way to evoke nostalgia while also appearing elegant and calming.

3. Custom Brand Visuals

In the past year, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of custom photos and illustrations in web design. From minimal flat images to full-blown photo collages, designers are looking for ways to add interest and creativity back into their designs.

ToolboxHR has been using custom illustrations for blog posts. Here’s a collection of some of their headers.

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