If you’re looking to use video marketing for your brand, then you can’t go wrong with YouTube.

It’s second only to Google as the most visited site on the internet and has its own powerful search engine so users can easily find specific content.

In short, it’s a social media giant with endless opportunities for brands.

In this guide, you’ll discover why your brand should use YouTube, what makes YouTube unique, and how you can harness the power of YouTube marketing for your brand.

Let’s start!

Why Your Brand Should Care About YouTube

Right now, video is huge. It’s popular on all the social channels, especially FacebookInstagram, and TikTok. And because of that, many social ads now use video.

But, if you’re creating video content or thinking about starting to use video for your brand, it’d be a mistake to ignore YouTube as it’s the best social video channel.

YouTube Usage Stats

YouTube Demographics

YouTube is popular across different countries and age groups, and publishes a diverse range of content.


YouTube is localized in over 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 different languages. According to Alexa, YouTube traffic comprises:

  • 3% from the United States
  • 2% from India
  • 7% from Japan


YouTube is popular across all age ranges, but especially with the 18-34 age group:

youtube marketing youtube user demographics

Most Popular:

The most popular YouTube channels as of March 2020, ranked by the number of subscribers, were:

youtube marketing most popular channels

What Makes YouTube Unique?

YouTube is different from other social media channels.

For starters, as mentioned above, it’s a search engine in its own right. That makes it a hybrid channel that combines both social and search elements.

Aside from Pinterest, YouTube is one of the most search-friendly social platforms. And because of that, YouTube content is more like blog content than content on other social channels.

Here are a few key differences in how users consume content on YouTube:

People search for specific content

People, especially the younger generation, are more likely to find your videos on YouTube by searching for specific keywords or viewing other closely related content. On other social networks, people would more likely find you via an ad or a link from a friend.Pro Tip: Because of YouTube’s search-friendly format, brands can target potential customers — intentionists — by keywords. And that’s a big advantage for brands who prefer to use Search Engine Marketing (mainly Adwords) rather than Behavior-Based Marketing used on most social ad platforms.

People prefer to watch rather than discuss

People are less likely to tag friends in comments on YouTube compared to other social networks. If they share a video, then they usually copy and paste the link onto other platforms. So, we can say they’re more focused on watching the video content and less on discussing it.

People make an intentional decision to watch content

People make a conscious decision to watch video content on YouTube, similar to sitting down in the evening to watch a TV show. Whereas on other social media channels, people tend to scroll haphazardly through a feed until they find something by chance.

How to Harness the Power of YouTube in 2020

In this section, we’ll look at how you can harness the power of YouTube for your brand in five steps:

  • Step 1 – Branding your channel
  • Step 2 – Creating your content
  • Step 3 – Optimizing your content
  • Step 4 – Promoting your content
  • Step 5 – Analyzing your results

Step 1 — Branding your channel

You should brand your YouTube channel the same as your other channels, so it’s immediately apparent who you are and what you do.


Start off by using the same brand colors. For us, that’s our Loomly green. For Coca-Cola, it’s their famous red. You get the idea.


Your channel name should be your regular brand name. It’s going to be on every piece of content you produce, so it needs to be spot on.

Icon (Logo or Photo)

The channel icon could be either your company logo or if you’re an individual, your headshot photo. Choose whichever you use for your other channels to keep your branding consistent.

For example, Neil Patel uses his headshot photo, as his personal brand is “Neil Patel”:

youtube marketing neil patel youtube channel design

But SEMrush uses its familiar logo:

youtube marketing semrush youtube channel design


The channel art is the background image in your header section. It’s essential to choose something that works on different devices: desktop, tablet, mobile, and TV.


Your channel description should describe your brand and the content you share on the channel. Plus, search engines check your description when ranking your profile, so use relevant keywords.


Your video trailer, like the channel description, should focus on telling visitors what your channel is about and what they can expect to see. Make it short and ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Custom URL

You can request a custom URL if your account is over 30 days old, you have more than 100 subscribers, and you’ve uploaded your channel icon and art. It makes sharing your YouTube URL much easier. For example: https://www.youtube.com/user/businessinsider/


The final elements to customize are the links to your website and other social channels, which visitors will see in the bottom-right corner of your header:

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